‘Our Parivartan is to bring a change for better Sikkim’

SKM president P.S. Golay addressing the Chalak Mahasabha. SE Pic
Tue, Jan 8, 2019

Golay announces welfare programmes for drivers, June 27 as ‘Chalak Diwas’

Staff Reporter

GANGTOK: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) president Prem Singh Golay on Monday announced that June 27 will be annually celebrated as ‘Chalak Diwas’ in Sikkim after his party forms the government.
“There are no days in the annual calendar which celebrates the contributions of the drivers. After the SKM forms the government, we will annually celebrate June 27 as ‘Chalak Diwas’ in Sikkim. This is to show our respect to the drivers and recognise their vital contributions in development of the State and nation,” said the SKM president.
Golay was addressing a Chalak Mahasabha organised by the SKM here at Chokasum hall, Nam Nam.
He announced several welfare programmes for the drivers community of Sikkim to be implemented when SKM forms the government.
The announcements include life insurance for drivers, government to sponsor education of two children of every driver, government to bear the medical treatment for drivers injured in accidents, minimum fees for HSP registration and renewal of vehicle documents to be done only once in five years.
We will reduce all the taxes being imposed on the drivers and vehicles, said Golay. “There have been numerous complaints of excessive vehicle insurance rates which are being done by companies. After the SKM comes to power, the State government will itself do vehicle insurances at minimum rates. We will set up an Insurance department in the government for this,” he said.
Golay promised guest houses at every important bazaar and tourism destinations for the drivers. The guest houses will be constructed by the State government and given to the taxi associations to run and maintain it, he said.
He also announced to withdraw cooperatives from running the taxi syndicates. We will let the taxi syndicates to be run by the taxi driver associations, he said.
During the daylong Chalak Mahasabha, numerous grievances and demands were placed by representatives of the Chalak Morcha, a frontal organisation of the SKM.
Golay assured that the grievances, suggestions and demands have been recorded by the party.  Steps will be taken to address all the issues once the SKM forms the government, he said.
“Drivers not only have the capacity to drive vehicles but also capable to run a government. But they have been ignored by the SDF government. The drivers are the most suppressed group in Sikkim. Without drivers, no nation can develop. The SKM extends it deep respect to the drivers. It is due to your untiring efforts and contributions that have strengthened the SKM party. You have faith in SKM to address all your grievances and bring you to the developmental mainstream,” said Golay.
Golay also countered the repeated ‘Goonda party’ tag from the ruling front and and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.
“Many political murders took place during the 25 years of SDF government. The houses of the opposition party workers were pelted with stones, vehicles were torched during the SDF rule in Sikkim. Why no arrests were made? Why were the miscreants not punished as per law?,” he questioned.
“Look at the dais of the SKM programmes, you will see intellectuals and those individuals who have contributed to the Sikkimese society.  The SDF party has a history of terrorizing opposition parties and government employees but still accuse SKM as a Goonda party. Who are the Goondas in SKM party? Name them. You are in the government and why don’t the government make arrests if there are Goondas in SKM? Goondagardi is taking place from the government side,” said Golay.
Golay called for an open debate in front of the public between the SDF and SKM. Let there be an open debate before the people and see who are the real Goondas, he said.
“Our Parivartan is to bring a change for better Sikkim, a change for progress…we want to bring change in the system.  Only three months are left for the election, let us continue our momentum and establish a people’s government in Sikkim and bring a system change,” said the SKM president to the gathering.

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