SDF govt made ‘political blunder’ by supporting Citizenship bill: SSS

SSS coordinators Raaz Gadaily and Passang Sherpa speaking to media. SE Pic
Thu, Jan 10, 2019


GANGTOK: Save Sikkimese Soul (SSS) on Wednesday contended that the SDF government and its MP made a ‘terrible political blunder’ by openly supporting the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 at the Lok Sabha.
Speaking at a press meet here at Press Club of Sikkim (PCS), SSS coordinators Passang Sherpa and Raaz Gadaily said the bill is applicable to all States and Union Territories.
The Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed the Citizenship Bill that seeks to remove hurdles in eligible migrants from six minority groups from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan from getting Indian citizenship despite opposition by political parties including the Congress and Trinamool Congress. The bill has ignited widespread protests across the Northeastern region.
“The bill is a direct threat to Article 371F and the Sikkim Subject Regulation Act 1961 (an old law of Sikkim). If the bill is passed and implemented, Sikkim will have to open its gate for everyone seeking residence in Sikkim. At this time, when the political situation has turned volatile in Assam, West Bengal and other North Eastern States after the introduction of the said bill, Sikkim government blindly supported the bill without considering further implications to the people of Sikkim,” he added.
Sherpa pointed out the recent statements made by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling expressing his displeasure on Centre not recognising and fulfilling the demands of Sikkim. But the State government openly supported the ill-conceived bill to wipe out the existence and distinct identity of Sikkim by indulging in appeasing their masters in Delhi when they had the opportunity to make their voices heard in Parliament, said the SSS coordinator.
In place of rejecting the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill as volatile to the provisions of Article 371F and old laws, the SDF government’s open support to the bill has put the political future of Sikkim in danger, said Gadaily.
The SSS coordinators called upon all the political parties and organisations to collectively oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 in the larger interests of Sikkim and its people.

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