CM inaugurates Police Composite Building

CM inaugurates Police Composite Building
Fri, Jan 11, 2019

GANGTOK (IPR): The Police Composite Building at Gangtok which will be used by the reserve line for auxiliary operations and facilities was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today.
Present with the Chief Minister were area MLA (Upper Burtuk) D.R Thapa, chief secretary A.K Srivastava, Buildings & Housing secretary R. Thapa and the heads of all the police branches.
The Chief Minister started his address stressing on the tone of responsibility. He spoke about the seriousness of ownership saying that the department should work holding no prejudice and making sure that there is progress and development among themselves. He asked the gathering to look up and read on the criminal history of America and the world so that they could get an idea about the risky lives of the police force there and try to imbibe the sensible solutions in their practice here. He stated that the fact that Sikkim is a safe and peaceful State is the evidence that not only is the department working toward the security of the common people but the department itself is safe and under the democracy of his government, no police person has ever been killed in the line of action. He also said that no communal or religious conflict has ever occurred because the government believes in communal harmony and growth. He advised them to be cautious of those who have personal interests and use political terrorism to create chaos and conflict.
Chamling said police personnel should be sent on study tours within the country as well as for trainings to foreign countries so as to understand the nature of crimes happening in those parts and how to resolve them.  He spoke about gender equality in the department and even stated that women have and will always be capable of running the show with efficiency. He said that it would fill him with pride and happiness to see a woman Chief Minister in the future.
He also mentioned about the unique policy of employment on compassionate ground being one of the most altruistic features of the State government, particularly in the Police department.
The Chief Minister ended his address by asking the police force to be innovative in their functioning and thoroughly strict when dealing with criminals but also to be kind in dealing with the public. He then stated that the government would grant all the requests made by the department.
Earlier, ADGP A. Sudhakar Rao welcomed the Chief Minister as the chief guest for the day as well as all the officers and staff of the department present. In his address, he spoke briefly about the history, the development and the growth of the police department in Sikkim. He also highlighted on the health/medical/grant aids received by the department and thanked the Chief Minister and his government for providing these facilities.
He requested the Chief Minister to look into the expansion and growth of the various sectors of the department, like the cyber-crime cell where IT experts and technical professionals are required; the management of vehicles to carry out operations and patrolling; instalment of DNA fingerprint machines, grant for a well-equipped gym in the police premises, fund for the ‘Safe City Project’ where numerous cameras are required for surveillance of traffic and crime and maintenance of housing complexes and quarters.
Buildings & Housing chief engineer Kuldeep Chettri provided a detailed technical report of the structure. He informed that the Educated Unemployed Youth Co-operative Society Ltd. Development Area, Gangtok, was given the contract for construction. The four-storeyed structure has two basements with dormitories and attached washroom and the two floors have multipurpose hall with pantry as well as visitor’s lounge, storerooms, office rooms, armory room etc. The roofing is on GCI sheets over tubular truss with PVC ceiling. The cost of the structure, which is, spread over 15688 sqft cost Rs. 330.45 lakh.

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