CM answers on why he gives long speeches, interact with people till late hours

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling during his public outreach campaign in 2018. SE file pic.
Sun, Feb 10, 2019

Genuine thoughts for people drive me to work hard, interact longer: CM

Staff Reporter
The only thing extra in me is that I am sincere towards people and always want to work genuinely for the people, said Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.
The Chief Minister was responding to a media question on what gives him the energy to work daily for long hours and have lengthy interactions with the people.
“People ask me what extra diet I take so that I can work for long hours and give lengthy speeches. There is nothing special. The only thing extra is that I am sincere towards people. It is always there in my mind to work genuinely for the people. I truly want to help people to fulfil their expectations. Seva ko bhawana cha,” he said during a recent media interaction.
Chamling works and interacts with the people coming to visit him at Gangtok from morning till late in evening. At places which he tours or halts, the interaction with the local people goes on till late in night.
To the question why he does not seem to be tired of meeting large number of people every day, Chamling pointed out to the hopes and expectations people have from him when they start thinking of meeting him.
The Chief Minister shared that people come from far places to meet him. “They come with huge hopes that I can fulfil their expectations and I have to think about that. Not all people are rich, they have to pay taxi fare and have to think a lot before deciding to come to Gangtok to meet me. I have to consider this and I try to meet all the people and try to fulfil their expectations. I want their dreams and desire to be achieved,” he said.
Chamling further pointed out he has been elected by the people to work for them.
“They have kept me here to work for the people. I will work for them till they keep me in this place. I am in public life and I give my best to fulfil my responsibility,” he said. He added that as a public person, he has no personal time for himself.
Another talking point among public is the lengthy speeches coming from the Chief Minister. His public speeches are usually of two hours and sometimes stretch up to four hours.
Before and after his speeches during his Sikkim tour last year, the Chief Minister was also engaged in meeting the public at various venues till late in the night. Soreng was where the Chief Minister gave a speech lasting for five hours during his public outreach campaign last year.
Asked what drives him to give lengthy speeches, the Chief Minister said his speeches are fundamentally targeted towards sensitizing the people about their rights and current affairs.
“Why I give long speeches? I can easily wrap up my speech in 10 sentences like others. However, I want to sensitize people about their rights and I want them to live their life in an independent manner and using their rights in a good manner. I want them to understand what politics is, what problems are there and where the world is going. I always try to sensitize the people so they are not oppressed. I want them to live their life as Sikandars with their rights. Explaining such things make my speech long,” said Chamling.
The Chief Minister, in his past speeches, also explained why he gives lengthy speeches. “I don’t have time or intention to make a record. The only record I aim is to make our people responsible and progressive. Yeshai karan mari miteyko (The reason why I am so committed)”, said Chamling had said.

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