SIBLAC refutes LT seat blocking allegation, demands evidence from SDF

SIBLAC refutes LT seat blocking allegation
Sun, Mar 10, 2019

Staff Reporter
Sikkim Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee (SIBLAC) convener Tseten Tashi Bhutia on Saturday demanded Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to give evidence of allegations that the organisation blocked the Limboo-Tamang Assembly seats and tribal status of the 11 left-out communities of Sikkim.
It was for the first time Tseten Tashi was responding on the allegations being reiterated in public by the Chief Minister and at press meets by the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) spokespersons.
The SIBLAC is facing allegations that its convenor Tseten Tashi Bhutia along with SKM legislators Kunga Nima Lepcha and Sonam Lama met Union Home minister Rajnath Singh at New Delhi on August 8, 2018. At that purported meeting, the three persons allegedly lodged complaints with Rajnath Singh and also with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval which resulted in Limboo-Tamang seats being blocked, as per the ruling front.
“The Chief Minister should speak with evidence. He says he has the proof of SIBLAC and SKM MLAs working against Limboo-Tamang seats and tribal status of the 11 left-out communities of Sikkim. He must show the proof in public,” said Tseten Tashi in a press conference here at Press Club of Sikkim.
The SIBLAC convener flatly denied the August 8, 2018 meeting allegation. “No such meeting with Rajnath Singh or Ajit Doval took place that day. Any claims being made about such meeting taking place or related with that fake meeting are false and lies being spread by the Chief Minister and SDF party. They are doing this false propaganda to spread hatred among different communities of Sikkim before the elections and to gain votes in coming elections,” he said.
“Yes, we had met the Union Home minister at New Delhi and submitted a memorandum. However, the meeting took place on September 26, 2016 and not on August 8, 2018 as being claimed by the SDF party. At that meeting on September 26, 2016, we had gone as representatives of the Bhutia-Lepcha organisations of Sikkim. The two SKM MLAs had also gone as representatives of Bhutia-Lepcha communities,” said Tseten Tashi.
At that meeting of 2016, the SIBLAC convener said a memorandum under the banner of Bhutia Lepcha Protection Force and signatories of various Bhutia-Lepcha organisations was submitted to Rajnath Singh. They had demanded proportionate increase of the Bhutia-Lepcha seats in the Assembly in case the House is expanded to 40 seats.
Tseten Tashi said the ruling SDF party is using the 2016 meeting photo of their meeting with Rajnath Singh to spread the false propaganda that the meeting took place last year for blocking the Limboo-Tamang seats and tribal status of the left-communities. “They had been saying in many public forums and now, posters are being pasted in south and west districts blaming the SIBLAC for blocking the Limboo-Tamang seats. This is a dirty game being played by the SDF to spread disharmony among the communities of Sikkim before the elections. We strongly condemn this,” he said.
“Let this go on record, SIBLAC never opposed the demand of Limboo-Tamang seats or the tribal status of the Nepali communities. In fact, it was the SIBLAC who raised voice for restoration of Nepali seats in the Assembly by holding a dharna in Delhi. Also the reason why we are seeking proportionate increase in BL seats is that we have seen in past that the Nepali seats were done away. We have seen the political rights of the majority community being lost. We do not want a similar fate for the Bhutia-Lepcha communities and hence the demand for proportionate increase in BL seats,” he said.
“We give 15 days to the SDF party and Chief Minister to prove their allegations made against SIBLAC and to remove the posters being pasted in south and west districts. Otherwise we will submit all the matter to the Union Home minister as they have falsely dragged him also into this issue. Then the SDF would be in big trouble and answerable to the Centre,” said the SIBLAC convener.
Tseten Tashi also countered the allegations of the Chief Minister and SDF party that SIBLAC was the hurdle for entry of Heavenly Path Organisation (HPO) spiritual leader God Angel to Sikkim.
HPO followers had recently held a dharna in Gangtok demanding that God Angel is allowed to visit Sikkim.
In response to our petition, the Supreme Court in 2007 had disposed of the writ petition stating that law and order is a State subject, said the SIBLAC convener. The court order has not mentioned that God Angel is barred from entering Sikkim, he said. We welcome God Angel to Sikkim and this fact has also been cleared by the HPO followers during their dharna, he said.

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