Darjeeling Police starts helpline for tourists

Darjeeling Police starts helpline for tourists
Thu, Mar 14, 2019

Our Correspondent
The Darjeeling Police is all set to provide a good experience for tourists visiting the hills this upcoming season. The police have set up a dedicated helpline number especially for tourists and other arrangements have been made to make a hassle-free stay.
“We have started a dedicated helpline keeping in mind the upcoming tourist season as there were complaints earlier on regarding the lack of administration assistance to them. An elaborate arrangement has been done with meetings already held with hoteliers and taxis associations,” said Darjeeling SP Amarnah K.
The helpline number is 2256356 which will be promoted through media and displayed at prominent places in the hills.
“We are also planning a Tourist Welcome Centre which will be opened at Simulbari, the entrance point to the hills where the tourists will be briefed on the do’s and don’ts. They will also be given pamphlets having various details like the tourist attractions here, helpline and emergency service numbers along with the fare chart so they are not cheated,” said the Darjeeling SP.
He informed that stickers have also been distributed in the hotels and taxis with the dedicated tourist helpline number and that the government fare chart will also be displayed for prominent places.
The Tourist Welcome Centre will also conduct a compulsory breath analyzer of the drivers so they are not intoxicated.
As part of providing tourist assistance, two bikes and two vans were also flagged off today. These bikes and vans will rush to the spot after a tourist makes a complaint through the helpline.
“They are two main issues that have come in the past like taxis intimidating tourists and complaints regarding on line bookings in which we will be assisting tourists so that they do not face problems. Apart from that frequent raids will also be conducted on taxis so as to check excess fare charging,” said the Darjeeling SP.
Apart from this, the Darjeeling Police is all set to improve the emergency dial number 100 so that response time for any emergency call will be about 10 to 15 minutes in the town area.
The Darjeeling Police is also starting a better public relationship campaign with the tourists by organizing various competitions for them with prizes for it so that they go back with a positive vibe of the hills.
“By the third week of March we will also start competitions on things like photography for the tourists which will be held weekly.  We want them to have better interaction with us so that they feel at home and through the prizes they get we feel that they will develop a better connection with Darjeeling,” said the Darjeeling SP.
The Darjeeling Police, on International Women’s Day, started a ‘Pink Patrol’ which is an all-female squad which will respond to complaints from women, both the locals and tourists.

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