JAC to reach out to LT communities on seat reservation delay

JAC to reach out to LT communities on seat reservation delay
Fri, Mar 15, 2019


GANGTOK,: As the Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation issue takes political centre stage ahead of elections, the Sikkim Limboo Tamang Tribal Joint Action Committee (JAC) would reach out to Limboo and Tamang community members across the State explaining the reasons behind the delay in having the seats reserved for the two communities.
The JAC would undertake a door-to-door visit across the State and place their issues on the seat reservation delay and other Scheduled Tribes’ facilities not extended to the Limboo and Tamang communities.
Addressing a media conference here in the capital, JAC president S.P. Limboo stated that it was is due to the lack of constitutional expertise and laid back attitude of the State government that led to delay in LT seat reservation.
The JAC president said even as the SDF government has been claiming to provide seat reservation, it has only disappointed the two communities since past many years. “Even the State government did not comply with the direction of the Supreme Court and rather sought time extension to come out with an amicable solution to the legitimate demand of the LTs of Sikkim,” said S.P. Limboo calling on the State government and other associations not to mislead, misguide and play with the sentiments on the issue.
“The LT seat issue was not raised in the Parliament by the MP which delayed the reservation process. We are not a political party but a non-political organisation working in the interest of our community. We want the political party to raise the LT seat reservation concern in the right forum and act as per the constitutional standings to avail justice to the long pending demand of the two communities in the State. There is system of divide and rule being practiced in Sikkim. The SDF government wants to create a difference between SIBLAC, LTVC and us so that we are divided and our voice is suppressed,” added the JAC president.
JAC treasurer Adip Tamang said, “we are tired of being cheated, fooled so this time we have decided to initiate a door-to-door visit and campaign across state on the LT seat reservation issue and enlighten the mass on how the State government failed to act judiciously on the demand. Apart from that we will also address the masses on what facilities and schemes on ST are being extended to the Limboo and Tamang communities in Sikkim too as we find there is disparity and discrimination being practiced.”
Speaking on five LT candidates planned to be fielded by the ruling party, the JAC members said fielding candidates in election and getting reserved seats is different.
“The practice of providing seats to Limboo and Tamang communities has been there since many years but the demand of Limboo-Tamang seat reservation is as per the Constitution. If the government was honest enough towards this demand, they could have called for all-party meeting and reserved five assembly seats so that only Limboo and Tamang candidates could have contested and represented in the Assembly but here it’s just a party decision whereas other political parties will field any candidate in the said seats,” said the JAC members.



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