CPRM backs Bista

Bista with Rai
Sat, Apr 6, 2019

Our Correspondent
The Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist (CPRM) today extended its support to the BJP’s Raju Bista in the Darjeeling parliamentary seat in order to defeat Trinamul Congress candidate Amar Singh Rai and also broad-base the demand for Gorkhaland since Bista is a Gorkha from Manipur.
CPRM leader Kishore Pradhan said the party’s decision was guided by the opinion of the people. “We feel by supporting Bista, who is a Gorkha from Manipur, we can take our agitation for Gorkhaland to other places in the country. The other reason for supporting him is to defeat the TMC as we want to restore democracy in the hills,” he said.
Pradhan also appealed to other candidates like Jan Andolan Party leader Harka Bahadur Chettri, GULF leader Reesheka Chettri and the independent candidate Ajay Dahal to withdraw their candidatures for the sake of Gorkha unity. “This will send a strong message to both the state and central governments,” he said.
On learning about the support extended by the CPRM to him, Bista visited its party office here to express his thanks. “I would like to thank the CPRM and its leader R. B. Rai for the support. We are proud that a party which has been working for the community here is standing with us,” he said.

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