BJP leader says party will form alternative govt with regional ally

The BJP executives and party candidates at the Ranipool election rally. SE Pic
Sat, Apr 6, 2019

BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav on Friday said BJP will form an alternative government with the opposition party of Sikkim and hinted at a post-election alliance. He, however, did not shared with which regional political party of Sikkim the BJP intends to form the post-poll alliance.
“We had tried to form an electoral alliance here to bring a change in the government but unfortunately, the alliance could not take place. However, I am confident that the opposition political parties here would get sufficient seats. We will together form an alternative government here,” said Madhav.
The BJP senior leader, also the in-charge for Northeastern region, was addressing a BJP election rally here at Ranipool. His speech lasted 32 minutes, out of which, nearly 30 minutes were spent on criticizing Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and SDF government.
Frequent power disruptions hampered the early proceedings of the BJP election rally.
Starting his speech in this background, Madhav said: “Power supply could go during my speech also. There are 32 hydel power projects in Sikkim but no power supply to the people. There are many water resources in the State but no proper drinking water supply to the people. Hence, Chamling must be ousted to get freedom from such situation.”
Madhav commented on the claims of the SDF government that Sikkim has a high GDP.
“If Sikkim is a developed State then Jammu & Kashmir is also a developed State as it also has a high GDP. Sikkim or Jammu & Kashmir, Centre has a hand in State’s development as the Centre allocates huge funds in every five years. It is not proper for Chamling to say that his State has high GDP which in reality is based on the funds from the Centre,” said the BJP leader.
Madhav said the nation is progressing at a rapid pace under Narendra Modi’s leadership but Sikkim has been lagging behind. “Unemployment is increasing in Sikkim. Sikkim is the No. 1 State in terms of unemployment,” he said. He alleged that the SDF government is giving government employment to only the SDF cadre. Remaining 90% of the youth of Sikkim are without jobs, he said.
Madhav said the slogan for Sikkim’s development should be ‘Modi in, Chamling out’. He alleged that the Chief Minister has invested the developmental funds of Sikkim to hotel and casinos in Nepal. Rampant corruption is taking place under the State government, he said.
“An honest government at the Centre is running under Modi. Corruption is almost finished in the nation. The corrupt are languishing in jails. The turn of the corrupt in Sikkim would also come. Only some time is required,” said Madhav.
Regarding the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue, Madhav said: “The order of the Supreme Court will be followed on the Limboo-Tamang seat issue. Work will be taken up after the new Parliament is elected. The power to give seats lie with the Parliament and not the Centre. The Centre is committed towards giving the Limboo-Tamang seats and a concrete decision would be taken after the election.”
In his address, State BJP president D.B. Chauhan said BJP is the only party which has proved to be honest, transparent and brought development in the country.
If given a chance, we will show to the people what a national party with good intention can do for Sikkim, he said.
BJP Lok Sabha candidate Laten Sherpa highlighted the activism he did for the people of Sikkim on various issues. I am not much educated but I have been raising issues, voice for the people wherever I see discrimination and suppression, he said.
The election campaign programme was also attended by Sikkim BJP in-charge Rajnish Kumar, election in-charge Nitin Nabin and all the 12 candidates of BJP for Sikkim.

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