Will take responsibility of four constituencies in Gangtok region: Chamling

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling campaigning in Gangtok. SE Pic
Tue, Apr 9, 2019

Chief Minister and SDF president Pawan Chamling on Monday promised to take care and responsibility of the four constituencies in the State capital region upon SDF being given the public mandate.
The declaration was made by Chamling as part of his election campaign for Gangtok, Shyari, Upper Burtuk and Arithang constituencies. Promising to take responsibility of the youth, women and development of the four constituencies, Chamling urged the people to vote for the SDF from these four constituencies.
“Be it the women or the Cheli, or the business community or the drivers fraternity, all responsibilities in these four constituencies for their betterment of our well-wishers here, I will take responsibility. I will be specially working for the people of these constituencies with me being based here in the capital. It becomes easier for me to work for these constituencies and for the people also to meet me. To make us win from these constituencies is your responsibility and to make sure these constituencies function better will be my responsibility,” stated Chamling.
Along with the Chief Minister were the SDF candidates and sitting MLAs D.R. Thapa (Upper Burtuk), Shyam Pradhan (Arithang) and Pintso Chopel Lepcha (Gangtok).
The ruling front had lost in Gangtok, Arithang, Upper Tadong, Shyari and Upper Burtuk constituencies, all of whom falls within Greater Gangtok in 2014 election.
In his address to the gathering near Paljor Stadium, Chamling also refuted rumours that rebel SDF leader Ashis Rai is still a candidate floated by the SDF party, despite him filing his candidature independently. “It is being said that I have floated him as an independent candidate to make sure that Shyam Pradhan loses from Upper Arithang constituency. If we had to select him as a candidate then we would have, but he himself is contesting on his own.”
Furthering his tirade against Ashis, Chamling stated, “He (Ashis) has overestimated himself, comes from a rich household, his way of talking and his body language do not align with SDF. Rather his character and political stand and thinking resembles Golay (PS Golay). Hence he is Golay's person and he should go there. Even if he wins as an independent, SDF will not be taking him. We don’t want such a person in the party.”
Chamling alleged that Ashis has threatened people inside the party as well during his stay with the SDF. “We don’t want such a person who hampers the society with his anti-establishment stand. His voters include a few so he will not be winning as to be an MLA you need a majority. What kind of development he will bring to the people of the constituency when he will not side with the government? All the work that he has done so far has been on the backdrop of the State government. The administration and the government will be of SDF and a mere stick of an independent MLA will not be able to work for the people".
Chamling urged the people to not waste their vote on the Arithang independent candidate.
He also took a jibe at SKM's candidate from Gangtok and Shyari constituencies Kunga Nima Lepcha claiming that the SKM candidate has filed a case to prevent income tax exemption to the old settlers and business community. “People are calling for Parivartan, but the change should be for good and with a good party not a goonda party. SKM is filled with goondas and liars. All other parties are also devoted to destruction, so the change should not happen for destruction. It is a way of making 'Ram Rajya as Ravan Rajya' taking a toll on the peace for violence in Sikkim".
Among other new initiatives promised by the Chief Minister included grants for the housewives with Rs. 1 lakh to start their own business, ensuring their self-dependency away from their husband and family. He promised decentralization on issue of trade and driving licences for the benefit of the drivers along with ensuring free education and grants for their children and family.

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