Swaraj India Party hails election manifesto of HSP

Swaraj India Party
Wed, Apr 10, 2019

Staff Reporter
No other political party in the country has a better manifesto than Hamro Sikkim Party, were the endorsing words of Yogendra Yadav, president of Swaraj India Party.
Yadav was responsible for the success of Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi when they won the people's mandate to form the government. In his first visit to Sikkim, Yadav along with his general secretary Avik Shah asserted that Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) is the call for a new wave in politics in Sikkim with high chances of making it big on the national frontier as well.
Addressing a press conference at HSP party office on Tuesday along with HSP president Dr. Bina Basnet and party spokesperson and MP candidate Biraj Adhikari, Yadav stated: “HSP is the new start in Sikkim and we are here to help them with their initiative for a new dimension in politics not just in Sikkim but in the country as well. A new generation is coming into politics with newer ideas. I saw their manifesto and no other party has a better manifesto in the country other than HSP. They are preparing the budget with calculations for every scheme even before they win the people's mandate.  This is so far away from the Jumla that political parties play with their manifesto during elections and forget about it later".
Terming the election manifesto as a long term project of the HSP party, Yadav asserted that no other party has such a detailed blue-print for its initiatives after the election. Among the various initiatives taken by the party include Universal Basic Income, pensions, right to employment, sports benefits with a calculated solution.
“The party is encouraging a new kind of political discourse and success of this new project or experiment can only be implemented if the HSP wins the mandate. Bhaichung Bhutia is a globally renowned name and he has the best chance of taking the party and its initiatives to the national level even from Sikkim", stated Avik Shah.
Asserting that Swaraj India party is not in alliance with the HSP, Yadav stated, “Our ideas bloom elsewhere, so no alliance and there is no gain to be made. Other parties may have the intention to come up with branches in other States as though they are a company. It is not the model that is needed, people of Sikkim have already found a better alternative to clean politics in Sikkim, so we have nothing further than extending our support to the party. This is a party with its initiatives that has the potential to grow at a national level".
On the political scenario in Sikkim, Shah who has been in Sikkim for some time now stated, "Even if the HSP doesn’t form the government, they have definitely put the pressure on other political parties to implement initiatives from their manifesto. It is sickening to see that one party winning all the 32 seats in the Assembly, where will the discussion for a betterment of the people happen unless there is some form of discussion happening in the Assembly. Political parties should be for changing the society, it is not the people who must change. Flags and cars on the streets do not matter, it is the ideology which helps and people must vote accordingly".
HSP president Dr. Bina Basnet claimed that despite limited time, the political thinkers on a national level are helping them in ushering new political culture. "We do not have crowd of supporters or the noise, but with HSP's win a proper representation will take place in every sector of the State. Other parties are doing money making politics darkening the future of the State. Vote for us to brighten your future. It is still not late, so vote for the whistle. The educated lot where we are campaigning are welcoming our initiatives, and happy to see mere 3-4 people propagating the ideas away from the barrage of supporters shown by other parties. Silent voters are key for us, where they have no fear of who forms the government".
HSP spokesperson Biraj Adhikari stated, "Sikkim has reached a status quo wherein ideas from Pawan Chamling or one man are the only ones being implemented. We are trying to usher another way of thinking with our manifesto and initiatives to reach the remote parts of the State with good ideas. Other parties and their manifesto are nothing as they have diluted Article 371F almost by 60% over the years. If they do not work as per their manifesto, the people have the right to take the parties to the court".

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