Inspiring to see public support to SDF and my candidature during the campaigning period: D.B. Katwal

D.B. Katwal
Wed, Apr 10, 2019

SE Report
D.B. Katwal, the SDF Lok Sabha candidate, criss-crossed the State reaching out to as much voters as possible on Tuesday before campaigning officially ended at 5 pm.
The 42-year-old is among the 11 candidates contesting for the lone Lok Sabha seat from Sikkim. He started his day from 5 am in the morning and interacted with the local residents. He then headed to Jorethang to attend the final election rally of SDF president and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.
After delivering his address at Jorethang, Katwal proceeded towards Gangtok while making pit stops along the way where he interacted and campaigned at various areas. At Gangtok, he spoke with college students and first time voters and presented his agendas and programmes for the youth of Sikkim.
“My entire campaign has been joshful and exciting. It was very inspiring for me to see the public support to the SDF party and my candidature. The people are earnestly supporting the SDF party due to our party’s track record and leadership of our party president and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. We are coming to the government again,” said Katwal before wrapping up his campaigning in Gangtok.
During his entire campaigning period, Katwal was noticed giving animated speeches and attracted the public attention with his ‘Paschim Hera….Uttar Hera….’ rhapsodic sloganeering. He was also trolled for it but as he shares, it gave him that extra publicity among the social media-savvy electorate of Sikkim.
“I managed to make my sloganeering a public hit, so much so that the opposition made trolls and fake videos on it. I do not mind as their trolls made me more popular and took me to more people. For this, my thanks to the opposition. They have unwittingly played a role in marketing me which will help me to work for the future of Sikkim,” said the SDF candidate.
I am 100% confident about my victory and also the victory of the SDF, said Katwal thanking all those who supported him during his campaigning. He also thanked the SDF president and senior party workers for guiding him.

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