SDF to form Shanti-Suraksha committees in every constituency

Fri, Apr 26, 2019

Staff Reporter
A high-level meeting of the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party was held here at the party headquarters at Indira Bypass Road on Thursday. The meeting, which was chaired by SDF president and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, was attended by members of central executive committee (CEC) of the party.
The meeting discussed upon various agendas and unanimously passed some important resolutions, informed SDF spokesperson K.T. Gyaltsen to media.
Gyaltsen shared that the meeting was held after a long time due to the election process and the main purpose of the meeting was to pass the amended constitution of the SDF party. He informed that a committee had been formed to bring about various amendments and changes in the constitution of the party.
Hence, the CEC meeting was called and various amendments to be taken were placed before the meeting which were adopted and passed by the CEC of the party, he informed.
Speaking on the amendments made in the SDF constitution, Gyaltsen informed that an important decision taken was that there will be lesser numbers of vice-presidents and general secretaries in the party and more power will be given to them. He added that mainly amendments were made to give more power to the party workers. At the same time, it was also to strengthen the constitution of the party, he said.
The SDF spokesperson stated that the meeting also decided to give more responsibilities to members of the party and to ensure greater involvement of younger generation in the party. He added that the CEC meeting also decided to immediately form a constituency-level committee in every constituency in Sikkim which will be called as ‘Shanti-Suraksha Committee’.
Gyaltsen shared that that the main purpose to form this committee was to give continuity to the peace and security of Sikkim. The main purpose of members of this committee is to maintain peace and security even after the election process and to ensure that the people should not face any problem and there should not be any law and order problem in the State, he said.
The SDF spokesperson stated that the SDF party believes in peace and security and based on the principle of secularism, democracy, socialism, basic human rights and social justice. We want to maintain the peace and security in the State at any cost, he said. He informed that meeting also decided to raise membership fee of the party and took other decisions.
Responding to media queries, Gyaltsen expressed his confidence that SDF party will sweep all the 32 Assembly seats and Lok Sabha seat when votes are counted on May 23.

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