Sikkim to host Mr and Mrs ICN championship

Sikkim to host Mr and Mrs ICN championship
Thu, May 9, 2019

Sikkim is hosting the first ever Mr and Miss iComplete Natural (ICN) championship (bodybuilding and physique) in the entire Northeast India this July.
The event will be organised under the aegis of ICN worldwide federation, the largest bodybuilding and fitness modelling federation in the world, informed Legden Dorjee Bhutia, who was recently appointed as ICN president for Northeast India.
“The main aim is to introduce ICN to the rest of the Northeast through Sikkim because we feel that the NE has the potential for natural bodybuilders,” said Legden at a press meet here at Press Club of Sikkim today.
For the championship, they have approached athletes from different bodybuilding federations of the State. The sport has many different divisions for both men and women, informed Legden.
“Since it is our first time, we will be conducting a State-level event, then later conduct national level events. The idea is to bring the first international match from Sikkim to the world,” he added.
ICN is one of the fastest growing natural-drug sports that promote natural athletes (both men and women) worldwide. Founded in Australia by Wayne McDonald as world president, he is backed by Ronziemick as world event director.
So far, 68 countries, including 20,000-30,000 athletes, have been associated with ICN. ICN gained popularity in India after the success of the ICN inauguration world championship in Phuket, Thailand in 2017.
Along with Legden, Jay Narayan from Goa has also been appointed as the president for the major cities in India.

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