Despite SKM’s NDA entry plan, BJP to continue as opposition in State

Despite SKM’s NDA entry plan, BJP to continue as opposition in State
Sun, May 26, 2019

State BJP unit president D.B. Chauhan today claimed that his party’s candidate thwarted the SDF’s chances of winning the lone Lok Sabha seat by securing a crucial vote share in the general elections.
Claiming of having dented vote shares of both the SDF and SKM, Chauhan said the BJP Lok Sabha candidate Laten Sherpa finished third in the vote tally by securing 16,572 or around four percent of the votes.
“We may have also dented Ashis Rai's chance of winning from the Arithang constituency as the margin was rather close. There is no denying that BJP has reached the masses at the grassroots level with most claiming that our Party in the Centre with Narendra Modi at the helm of doing a commendable job and people welcome Modi and BJP now in Sikkim,” said Chauhan to media here today.
The saffron party State chief further maintained that the BJP would continue to remain an opposition party in the State as the SKM-BJP alliance in the State has not yet been finalised even as the SKM has announced to join the BJP-led NDA at the Centre. The SKM must deliver all their promises and act as responsible government, he added.
On the SKM’s victory, Chauhan expressed that the people had been demanding for Parivartan alongside all the other regional parties and the people of Sikkim have contributed to this Parivartan. “We as opposition will make sure that they carry out their duties with responsibility and not go off track. On the support to be extended and the plans for alliance in the future here in the State, we will discuss the same. But, we will not stay quiet as an opposition.”
Chauhan also expressed concern on the BJP being tagged a pro-SDF party saying the party during the election has displayed how well of an opposition it has been. “Even if we didn’t win the people's mandate we dented on the votes to bring about the change and made sure that some parties lost in the process,” stated Chauhan.

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