Today is like a dream and happiness…that day was unimaginable pain: Aditya Golay

Aditya Golay seen behind his father P.S. Golay addressing the media and party workers outside District & Sessions Court, Sichey on August 10, 2017. SE file pic Aditya Golay receiving the winner’s certificate of Chakung-Soreng from the Returning Offic
Sun, May 26, 2019

Staff Reporter

Date: August 10, 2017
Time: 2.35 pm
Venue: Outside the District & Sessions Court, Sichey, Gangtok

Light rains were falling from the skies above but the gathering seemed to be oblivious to it. They seemed animated, some were angry, some were desperate and some were morose. But all were captivated to what one person, surrounded by the crowd, was saying.
The man was P.S. Golay, the SKM president, having surrendered before the court and about to board a police vehicle that will take him to Rongyek Jail for one year in a corruption case.
As Golay was giving passionate call to the party workers to continue with their Kranti for Parivartan, a young guy stood firmly behind him, his poker face masking all kinds of emotions raging inside his mind and heart.
That youth was Aditya Golay, standing by his father P.S. Golay, at his darkest hour in political career.
GANGTOK: “Today is like a dream… that day (August 10, 2017) was nightmare, something that I cannot express in words. Only our family knows the kind of pain we suffered that day. Today I can see happy faces and there is an air of happiness but that day was something unimaginable,” said Aditya in conversation with SIKKIM EXPRESS.
Aditya was 26 years old that year.
Two years later, Aditya is about to take oath as a Chakung-Soreng MLA having won the Assembly elections from that constituency and become a part of the SKM government under the leadership of his father.
It also brings to fruition to the promise, born from pain, taken on August 10, 2017.
“After that (August 10, 2017), all the family members made up their minds including me that we must come forward with determination. We made up our mind…we had seen such a day. He had worked hard for the people but despite that, such thing happened to him. From that day, me, my brothers and family made up our minds that we must work hard for our father,” said Aditya.
Aditya was fielded as the party candidate for Chakung-Soreng constituency which he won by a margin of 208 votes. He thanked the public from Chakung-Soreng, party president and party seniors for their trust on him and giving him an opportunity in public life. He plans to start working at the ground-level ‘as soon as’ the official programmes like government oath-taking are completed at Gangtok.
Aditya shares that he plans to start by addressing the basic requirements of the Chakung-Soreng constituency. ‘First, we have to correct the small things and after that, we can look into the bigger picture. The constituency lack basic amenities like proper drinking water supply and healthcare facilities, we need a good healthcare centre at our area so that people can avail treatment at their constituency itself instead of rushing to Namchi,” he said.
For arriving at the bigger picture, Aditya always has the option of directly contacting his father and the SKM president. I will take his advice, it is a learning curve for me and he is very experienced in this field, so I will definitely take his advice, he said.
Aditya also stressed on the importance of giving a good performance during the five years’ term.
“Now we have to work even harder. This is like just admission in a college, the course starts now, syllabus will be new, how much marks will come…have to prepare for the next exams also to reach the second year,” said Aditya.

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