Golay removes STF from security detail, makes changes in Bagdogra protocol

The official vehicle of Chief Minister P.S. Golay is seen guarded by SAP personnel at Siliguri. Returning from Delhi on Saturday, Golay had halted briefly at Siliguri before proceeding to Sikkim. Pic: SKM social media
Sun, Jun 2, 2019

Staff Reporter
Chief Minister P.S. Golay has removed the special task force from his protective detail leaving the regular Sikkim Armed Police (SAP) responsible for his security. This scene was seen on Saturday when Golay returned to Sikkim after a four-day trip of New Delhi.
The Chief Minister was without the special task force (STF) commandoes as he travelled from Bagdogra airport to Siliguri and then towards Melli, the entry point of south and west districts. He was warmly received at Melli by the SKM workers and then he proceeded towards his native village of Soreng, west district.
Giving the Chief Minister a security cover was the regular SAP personnel.
A senior official at the Chief Minister’s Office confirmed that the STF has been stripped off from the security detail and the commandoes deputed back to their respective duties.
“The Chief Minister had given the order of removing the STF from his security cover before going to Delhi on May 29. He feels that SAP personnel are enough for his security as Sikkim is a peaceful State and people in Sikkim are peace loving and law-abiding citizens. He will be moving around with the SAP team now,” said the official.
It was shared that Golay also wants to send a message to the people that public servants are to be in close contact with the people. Having an overbearing security detail would send the wrong impression to the public that their elected representatives are acting superior thus creating a disconnect with the people.
Since taking charge as the Chief Minister, Golay wants to break down the gap between his government and people and remove all hurdles created in the name of protocol or security.
The Chief Minister has already given up the official super-luxurious vehicle and moving around in a Scropio SUV as his official vehicle. Having a simple security cover is his another step to bring changes in the system as promised by him to people, said the CMO official.
Another change implemented by the Chief Minister is that there would be no entourage of cabinet ministers or MLAs escorting him or receiving him at Bagdogra airport, said the CMO official. Only one minister will be undertaking such responsibility of escorting and receiving the Chief Minister.
When he went to Delhi, Golay was escorted by Health minister Dr. M.K. Sharma and upon his arrival, the same minister received him today at Bagdogra airport.
“The Chief Minister had also appealed all the party workers and his colleagues in the government not to turn out to receive him at the airport. However, some did turned out which is understandable as it is the first time that Golay was making a touchdown as a Chief Minister,” said the CMO official.
Another directive given to the party as that there would be no unnecessary musical groups at such receptions.
The Chief Minister has also directed the concerned department to expedite its efforts to make Scorpio vehicles available for the ministers.
“The whole idea behind such directives is to remove extravagant and unnecessary expenses of public money. The Chief Minister wants to implement austerity measures in the government so that money is saved for the benefit of the people,” said the CMO official.

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