SKM to pursue corruption charges against Chamling

SKM to pursue corruption
Fri, Jun 7, 2019

The ruling SKM party today challenged opposition SDF party to try its best to oust P.S. Golay from the Chief Minister’s post. The ruling Morcha also countered that it will pursue investigation of corruption charges against former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling by the CBI.
Chamling and SDF party, since day one, has been maintaining that Golay is ineligible to hold the Chief Minister’s post and thus, the SKM government led by Golay is unconstitutional and illegal.
Addressing a press meet today, SKM spokesperson Jacob Khaling said the battle lines in Sikkim political landscape have now been drawn as Chamling is seeking Golay’s removal while SKM wants Chamling to be probed of alleged corruption in his 25-year-rule.
“The new battle for Sikkim will be against removal of Golay as the Chief Minister and for allowing CBI to Sikkim to nab Chamling on charges of corruption in his 25 years of governance. Chamling will liaison with his powerful, rich friends in Delhi to remove Golay from the Chief Minister’s post. But it is the people's government currently and the SKM party has won the people's mandate and been selected to form the government along with the Governor Ganga Prasad’s approval on P.S. Golay for the post,” said Khaling.
“We challenge the SDF party to do its best to remove P.S. Golay from the Chief Minister’s post. The SKM will also dig up the files relating to corruption under the SDF government and send Pawan Chamling to jail. The war now is whether Golay would be removed from the Chief Minister’s post or Chamling will go to jail. Sikkimey Janta will be a witness to this,” said the SKM spokesperson.
Accusing the former Chief Minister of displaying his arrogance by staging a walk out from the Legislative Assembly along with his MLAs, Khaling stated that the SDF legislators have let down the people and their mandate from the 15 Assembly constituencies who have reposed faith on the SDF.  
“If the SDF cannot accept democracy, law and the Indian Constitution and make a mockery of all three at the hands of Chamling, the SKM party will take up the charges for these 15 constituencies. We will be placing the demands and the voices of the people in the Assembly on behalf of the people of these 15 constituencies,” stated Khaling.
The SKM spokesperson, also the Chief Minister’s political secretary, further slammed Chamling for mocking the seat of the Speaker in the Assembly on June 3. Chamling addressed the house without seeking approval of the Speaker of the House' which is a shameful act coming from the legislator of 35 years, he said.
“The former Chief Minister had no respect for the Speaker of the House who has been an elected representative of the State. He had no knowledge or respect for the proceedings of the House and it was not a day where the agendas were part of discussion in the House. Chamling went disrespectful against the Speaker who is a representative of the Schedule Caste community, a community which did not had a Speaker leading the Assembly,” stated Khaling.
SKM advisor and former Lok Sabha member Nakul Das Rai claimed that Chamling during his government made many derogatory statements against the sanctity of the Assembly. “Chamling was at logger heads with the former Chief Minister Late Nar Bahadur Bhandari when he formed the government in 1994 and many times over the years such derogatory statements have been made by him. It is only now that he is at the helm of receiving such comments in the Assembly that he is reacting. The party is also reacting to the same now, amid Chamling being at the receiving end of such statements,” he said.
“SKM is being accused of having made the derogatory statements inside the House, we welcome the inquiry from the State Legislative Assembly and if any SKM supporter or party worker is involved in the issue, we welcome the action being taken by the SLA,” added Khaling.   

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