‘Preparing a white paper on every department’

Preparing a white paper on every department
Mon, Jun 10, 2019

We have full blessings of Centre, no shortage of development for Sikkim: Golay

Chief Minister P.S. Golay on Sunday said there would be no dearth of development in Sikkim as the SKM government has ‘full blessings’ of the BJP-led NDA Union government.
“We (SKM) are a NDA member. We have full blessings of the Centre and there would be no shortage of development in Sikkim. We had extended our unconditional support to the BJP much before the elections,” said Golay.
The Chief Minister was addressing a SKM thanksgiving programme at Chandmari to thank the voters of Shyari constituency. He took a dig on SDF president Pawan Chamling who recently met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at New Delhi.
“Our support to BJP was there much before the election. We had told them that our support is there whether they win or lose (Lok Sabha election). We are not like the SDF which went after the BJP during the Assembly elections here and after losing the election, went to them saying that they want to work together with BJP. The SDF, while campaigning in the election, used to constantly say that BJP will finish Sikkim but now after losing, goes to them and says ‘milkey kaam karengey’. This is seasonal politics by them, SKM is not like them, we are true to our words,” said Golay, also the SKM president.
Golay congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for getting an overwhelming mandate from the people to lead the nation again.
The Chief Minister, in his address, urged the people to have patience as the government is in transition phase having taken oath only on May 23. The new government is taking accounts of all departments and preparing a white paper of each department to start afresh, he said. He reiterated that the SKM government remains committed to fulfil all the promises made during the election campaign. We need some time to cross some hurdles for which we seek the patience of the people of Sikkim, he said.
Golay also updated the gathering on the status of Mintokgang, the official residence of the Chief Minister. He is presently staying in his own private residence at Lumsey, Tadong and has not moved into the official residence.
During the election campaign, the SKM president had promised not to stay in Mintokgang but to turn the complex into a cancer hospital.
“I had announced during the election campaign to convert Mintokgang into a cancer hospital with all facilities. We are exploring the technical viability on this, there are concerns from public who are worried about the effect of having a cancer hospital in their surroundings. How to use it and what to do about it, we will do it…Our government will maintain full austerity measures,” said Golay.
The SKM president expressed his gratitude to the people of Shyari for their support to him and the party since 2014 elections.
Kunga Nima Lepcha, the SKM candidate, won from Shyari constituency in 2014 and 2019 elections.
The difficulties faced by this constituency from 2014 to 2019 will be repaid with a series of developmental projects here by the SKM government, said Golay. He also maintained that the SKM government will not discriminate people on the basis of political affiliation. It is the right of the people to support a party of their choice and we respect that, he said.
Kunga Nima was among the two SKM MLAs along with Sonam Lama who did not defected to the SDF party after the 2014 polls. Seven other SKM legislators had joined the SDF party citing lack of faith on Golay in 2015. Among them, five were fielded by the SDF this time and all of them lost.
In his address, Golay said the defeat of the five defectors gave him huge happiness. Their electoral defeat proved that the Gods and deities of Sikkim do not forgive those who betray people and abdicate their vows, he said.
In his address, area MLA Kunga Nima Lepcha said the SKM party was successful in ending the rule of ‘unjust and corrupt’ SDF government of 25 years.
Kunga Nima is also the HRD minister and has been recently given the charge of Sports & Youth Affairs department also. He thanked the people of Shyari for supporting him throughout in his first term and helping him to win again. My focus for Shyari constituency is to address the problem of sewerage and traffic congestion and provide more facilities to the people, he said.
“We don't have anger against anyone. We won't distinguish or victimise people based on political grounds. Let us all work together in making Sikkim a peaceful, disciplined, self-reliant and corruption-free State”, asserted Kunga Nima.

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