Marathoner Shiva Hang to go for gold

Shiva Hang
Mon, Jun 10, 2019

Shiva Hang Limboo bagged a silver medal in the 2018 24 Hour Delhi Stadium Run and he says he will aim for gold in the upcoming Mumbai edition of the event.
The up-and-coming marathoner from Sikkim achieved a remarkable feat in December last year when he became the first athlete from Sikkim to bag a medal in stadium run. This time, Shiva Hang said, he will target nothing less than gold in the Mumbai stadium run taking place on June 15, although he agreed that winning a gold medal won’t be that easy.
“I am looking forward to the event in Mumbai. Winning a gold medal in the event of such stature won’t be easy with some of the best runners from the country participating. The competition is getting tougher and tougher every year,” said Shiva Hang. If not gold, he aims to finish within top-3.
The event is a form of ultra-marathon, in which a competitor runs as far as they can in 24 hours. In Shiva Hang’s case, he will run for 12 hours.
Shiva Hang, who hails from a West Sikkim hamlet Timrbong, competes in 12-hour category of the stadium run.  
Besides a dozen of marathons, the 23-year-old has so far participated in two stadium runs so far, one in Delhi and another in Bengaluru.
In Bengaluru outing, the West Sikkim boy finished a respectable fourth in his first attempt. He ran 101 kilometres in 12 hour. In Delhi, where he won the silver medal, he ran is best of 119.7 km. Shiva Hang wants to beat that personal record when he runs in Mumbai next weekend.
“I performed very well in Delhi. Running almost 120 km in 12 hours was quite an achievement for me after having participated in stadium run only once before. I will try to beat the record when I run in Mumbai,” said an optimistic Shiva Hang.
His mentor and ultra-marathoner Amar Subba, who won a bronze medal in 24-hour run in Mumbai last year, is confident of protégé’s success in Mumbai.
“I am very confident of him. He has trained well for the competition. I hope he will make us all proud with his performance,” said Subba, adding that training alone is not enough. An athlete needs to be mentally strong and sometimes needs a bit of luck as well, he added.    
The event organised by NEB Sports will take place at Mumbai University (MU) stadium at Marine Lines.

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