GATC signs with Danish record label

GATC signs
Tue, Jun 11, 2019

SE Report
Sikkim’s foremost rock music export ‘Girish And The Chronicles’ (GATC) has signed an EP deal with Danish record label. As part of the deal, Danish record label Lion's Pride Music will initially release the band’s EP ‘Rock The Highway’.
The deal happened after the Danish record label Lion's Pride Music came across the GATC’s single ‘Rock The Highway’ in a rock music magazine. ‘Rock The Highway’ was listed in the ‘songs of the week’ section in the website of rock music magazine Sleaze Roxx.
“One fine day, to our surprise, we received a message in our FB messenger sent by a gentleman, asking us if we were interested in signing up with a label. They were called Lion's Pride, a label that supported hard rock music. We were glad to hear that they enjoyed our songs, both new and the old.”
Since that encounter on Facebook messenger, the band and label had many exchanges, for weeks, before they struck a deal.
The biggest hurdle both the parties faced was the fact that the time frame given for the release was September 2020.
“We were very skeptical about it. To us it felt like no matter what, we were not in a position to delay the album for that long. For a moment, it felt like we might have to chuck the idea out. We requested them if something could be done about it,” said GATC.
However after few months, the deal went ahead with the label approaching the band with a revised release timing.   
“Finally after a few months, the label guys actually gave us a slot in April 2020. Now that was something we could consider. That was also actually the original time frame given to us, but we were stuck in dealing with some technical problems going on with the band, which is why they had to shift our slot. After all, they had other bands to sign too,” said the GATC.
The Lion’s Pride has scheduled the release of the EP on April 27, 2020 in the list of ‘upcoming releases’ in their website.  
The GATC are Girish Pradhan (vocals), Yogesh Pradhan (bass), Nagen Mongrati (drums) and Suraj Karki (lead guitars).

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