Adhoc employees extend support to OFOJ rectification

Adhoc employees
Wed, Jun 12, 2019

The All Sikkim Adhoc Employees Association has extended its support to the rectification drive initiated by the Department of Personnel with regards to ‘One Family One Job’ scheme recruitments. With the association being directly involved with temporary employees of the State, the association members today opined that the OFOJ scheme was a vote-oriented move of the previous SDF government.
The support comes a day after the association executive members Yogesh Sharma, Rajesh Dahal and others met Jacob Khaling, the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister. They also called on the HRD minister Kunga Nima Lepcha on Monday.
“What is being alleged as the victimisation drive of the SKM government upon the OFOJ appointees is wrong as the order for the same was issued by the SDF government. We support the verification as per the qualification of the employees and we don’t see the need for the SDF party to pressurize the new government with the dharna merely 15 days after the new government has been formed,” stated Yogesh Sharma to media at Press Club of Sikkim here on Tuesday.
The association executive members also alleged that many of the OFOJ appointees are non-COI holders. “If such as a move was carried out then the locals will be feeling insecure and also result in influx. OFOJ was for the needy, but the same has been granted to those families who already had government employees. We have evidence on non-COI holders along with employees who have crossed the age bar or school dropouts getting appointed under OFOJ. But we have no intention of targeting employees as our fight against the system of back door recruitment.”
Claiming that the back door recruitment was prevalent during the SDF regime, the association executives stated, “Graduate Teacher for Arts have not been recruited nor an interview been conducted since 2016 but we have received evidence from across the State that 26 such appointment for regular Graduate Teachers in Arts subjects of having taken place on June 12, 2018. The same must have been minister's candidates hence the department also failed to notify on the same,” stated another executive member.
The association has demanded the HRD department to terminate such employees and also conduct such review in other departments of the State.
The association having submitted their memorandum to the HRD minister as well as to the Political Secretary, also informed of the same having reached to the Chief Secretary.
In their memorandum, the association members stated, "The demand for immediate regularization has been kept in the back largely owing to the State government having a less budget currently. We will be pursuing the regularization and some of the senior employees must be preferred. Regularization must be carried out in a phase wise manner. We are ready to give the formula for regularization to the State government, once we meet Chief Minister P.S.Golay after his return from Delhi.”
The association members also highlighted other issues such as casual leave of only 5 days in 2 years for the adhoc teachers along with yearly termination, a process that has been ongoing. They also raised concerns on the adhoc teachers’ salaries not being raised.
"If an adhoc teacher is being appointed then there should be no room for termination, their future must be secured. We have also urged the HRD minister to stop with the appointment of adhoc teachers for the next 2-3 years in order to create space for them in the future. As, currently there is a huge number of adhoc teachers awaiting regularization. Along with B.Ed and TET being compulsory, scrutiny must be done upon those that are recruited without the necessary qualification. We have also placed the demand for adhoc regularization Act as has been done in other States,” stated Sharma.
On the four adhoc teachers detained during the protest earlier this year, the association executives stated, "We were alleged and not accused, the two stands different yet our appointment is being held. We are hopeful under the new government the department will approach for the same in a better way and grant the 4 alleged employees an appointment".

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