Wed, Jun 19, 2019


Though the theory of human extinction in the Bible or in other religious scriptures is hypothetical, yet science has elaborated various situations under which survival of human species become extremely difficult. Leave aside pandemic or deliberate killing, for extinction of humankind the entire earth has to be rendered for some cause or other uninhabitable. A question could be raised, whether such a situation would ever occur! If we ignore religious interpretations for the time being, yes there are precedents in history, such as, the Permian-Triassic extinction.
Global warming induced climate change and nuclear warfare would be human made, however, either bolide impact or large-scale volcanic eruptions are simply natural phenomena, and they happen to be beyond human control. Natural phenomenon has occurred in the past, but never became human life extinct in its entirety. It survived in one corner and again revived. Even during climate change and nuclear warfare, it is doubtful whether human life will be totally eliminated, in such an event it is not unlikely, some precautionary measures might be taken beforehand to keep samples of human species alive. Even emergence of virulent and infectious pandemic may not be capable to wipe out completely the humanity, because there is hundred and one example in the past when pestilence like plague or cholera could not even destroy a segment of population of an area.
In warfare, use of any biological or nuclear weapons by a rogue nation or any individual may prove highly destructive to humankind. Even developing of resistance to antibiotics by its random application may also prove a great danger in course of time, but some individuals may remain immune to such resistance and survive the epidemic. Even ‘Malthusian catastrophe’ may be operative when population grows disproportionately to food supply, but humankind will still overcome that catastrophe.
If we rule out subversive activities of some rogue nations or some individuals, there are some environmental factors also which are capable of eliminating mankind from the face of the earth, such as catastrophic climate change, depletion of oxygen from atmosphere, extensive volcanic eruptions, beginning of ice-age and conversion of earth into a virtual snow-ball, and finally destruction of ozone layer thereby exposing humanity to lethal ultra-violet rays of the Sun.
Even if these factors are kept aside, still there are other prominent factors, which may wipe out flora and fauna from the face of the earth. Within about five million years from now, the Sun in its stellar evolution changes into a red giant, but that is too late a stage, before that the temperature of the Earth shoots up so high that it singes every trace of plant and human life. Even before that our solar system may collide with our nearest Andromeda galaxy and in the process our entire solar system will be dissolved into thin air.
So existence of human life is not safe from any angle, even it restricts itself from self-destruction; it eventually evaporates either by extensive heat or by super cooling or by stellar unforeseen activities. But every scientist is hopeful that the earth will once again be recreated somehow, either the new species descend from remote planets away from our solar system to inhabit the earth or the earth may itself evolve its own species, but they will be completely different species genetically. They will be fundamentally different from their forefathers even in terms of their food and habitation, leave alone biologically. For the time being if it is hypothesized that nothing as such meditated above happens, even then cacogenics among humanity result in decline in intelligence and their IQ will be highly limited, and once again humankind will go back to the stage of stone age.
John Leslie has estimated that reproductive capacity of homo-sapiens will slowly decline and become extinct by 2400. Of late hormonal disturbances have been identified amongst human beings due to rampant use of chemical compounds in food and other necessities of life. This finding has highly disturbed the scientists. Their research has recorded gradual fall in sperm count in human males. This fact has been elaborately recorded by P.D.James in his novel “The Children of Men”. Random use of antibiotics are gradually weakening the immune system in man, it is not unlikely a time may arrive when he will not be able to resist a simplest of ailment, like an AIDS patient, and eventually dies a premature death.
Indiscriminate and unregulated research in science is also fraught with danger. Unrestricted use of nanotechnology may destroy Earth’s ecosystem (ecophagy). Even it is feared that experiments conducted at the Large Hedron Collider at CERN, where collision of protons is conducted nearly at a speed of light, will result in the fabrication of black-hole, which will eventually suck-up everything in the surrounding initially and gradually the entire earth, though the scientists maintain that much more powerful collisions than that expected at CERN takes place every day in the earth’s atmosphere. So we have to believe the scientists that there is no immediate danger from the experiment. Scientists, of late, have also started tampering with food chain by its research in genetic engineering without assessing its future consequences. A time may subsequently come when genetically developed food grain seeds may fail to give the desired production, because nothing developed artificially will give lasting result, it is subject to lose its fertility in course of time and consequently will dangerously disturb world’s food supply. Even there is a lurking danger of technologically highly advanced aliens or extra-terrestrial beings invading the earth and destroying its species being disturbed by the earth’s radio and other electro-magnetic signals or for unseen reasons.
Even if we ignore negative natural phenomena, such as, the solar-flare, collision of our Milky Way, accidental impact of any giant asteroid on our earth, passing of any black hole near the Sun disrupting the Earth’s orbit, massive and extensive volcanoes etc., but still with our idiotic action, the humankind is creating its own Frankenstein to destroy itself. If man’s destructive activities continue with unhindered impunity, then it is not a good omen for the future survival of human species.  
It is true, extinction scenarios are only speculative in nature, and even innumerable prophecies made oft-times of annihilation passed off even without being noticed. But religious literatures are quite vocal about ultimate apocalypse of civilisation. May be there are some truths in such prophecies, because no specific time is earmarked for such massive extinction. We consider ourselves highly intelligent compared to our forefathers, and try to ignore such warnings. But our forefathers were no less intelligent than us, rather they could delve deep into the future through meditation, and, also simultaneously after much brain storming, made their predictions, so we must heed their warnings and stop immediately playing with Nature. When Nature starts taking retaliation, we shall simply feel ourselves puny and emasculated to be able to face its destructive thrust. An intelligent person seldom plays with fire, for he knows he will end up burning his own finger. To contemplate mass exodus from Nature’s wrath will simply not be possible that time. When actual time comes, our all effort will rather prove futile and meaningless. So it is, therefore, better to be careful early than to repent in future, when it is too late!


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Altitude: 5,840 ft
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