Councillor who joined BJP returns to Morcha

Sat, Jul 6, 2019

DARJEELING,: Alleging that the Darjeeling municipality councillors had been used by the BJP to gain support for the 2021 West Bengal Assembly election, Ganesh Sarki, one of the 17 councillors who had recently joined the BJP has re-joined the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha’s Binay Tamang camp.
Sarki, who was among the 17 civic body members who moved a no-confidence motion against municipality chairperson Pratibha Rai earlier last month said he had joined the BJP thinking that both the party’s MLA and MP would make the Gorkhaland Statehood demand easier. “However, they only gave us their flag after which they did not speak any word on the demand for which we are sad. We had been kept like something you can use and throw and felt that they were only concerned about the Assembly election in 2021. We had not gone there to see the elections but had joined them looking at the aspirations of the people towards Gorkhaland for which they had voted their candidates. I now understand that in the end a regional party will be beneficial for us.”
“I also appeal to other ward councilors who are there in Delhi to look at the problems the people in their respective wards are facing as they were the ones that elected all of us. The people from my ward also told me that we should have consulted with all of them before
taking this step and asked me to come back,” he added.
After filing a no confidence motion against the chairperson on May 29, the councillors were seen in Delhi joining the BJP following which the Additional District Magistrate (general) Mayuri Vasu was given the charge as the administrator of the civic body on June 19.
“A no confidence motion letter had been given to the municipality chairperson here by some ward councilors who were then suddenly seen joining BJP in Delhi. We are happy that ward no 18 commissioner Ganesh Sarki has decided to join our party after one month in his own wish and we welcome him,” said Morcha leader Binay Tamang.
Morcha (Binay camp) leader Alok Kanta Mani Thulung said, “The BJP only wanted to show unrest here by creating such type of disturbance here. The councillors who had joined the BJP were misled and made to join them by maintaining that the TMC would not remain in the State and Gorkhaland would be given. They wanted to show that they had become the ultimate power and if they had to survive then they should join the BJP.”
“People have now started to realize that Raju Bista winning the MP seat will not make any political difference in the hills,” said Thulung.


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