52 employees removed from Gangtok Smart City project

Gangtok Smart City project
Mon, Aug 12, 2019

Staff Reporter
Fifty two employees, said to be in excess to the requirements, have been removed from the Gangtok Smart City project with the administration claiming such action was necessary to meet the office expenses.
The group of the terminated employees on Sunday held a press conference claiming that they have been unfairly discharged from their posts and sought reinstatement till the period of Gangtok Smart City project. They have been served with office orders to leave their jobs by September 6 with the management, as per the group, claiming ‘fund crisis’.
The sacked employees held the posts of supervisors, office attendants and office assistants.
Speaking to media here at Press Club of Sikkim, the group maintained that they were not given prior notice before being served with the termination letter earlier this week.
“It was on August 7 after office hours that we received a message stating that the chief executive officer (CEO) would like to hold a meeting with all employees. He arrived at around 7 pm and started calling the employees one by one. We were made to sign the register first and then served us with the office order terminating our jobs,” said the group.
The group claimed that queries were made by on whose recommendations they were appointed after the new CEO took charge of his office.
“We do not know what politics is going on but we want the new government to look into the matter as we have been victimized and facing injustice. We are confident that Chief Minister P.S. Golay and the new government will give justice to us. We are not demanding for salary hike or regularization. We only want our jobs back and in the same posts,” said the group members.
According to the group, a total of 52 employees were appointed on the same day but only 45 were dismissed from service. It was only the administrative employees who were removed from service and not the engineers. “The Namchi Smart City project also exists but no such office orders have been issued. Why only in Gangtok Smart City project? Both the projects are funded by the Government of India,” contended the group.
“We are not against anyone or any government. We just want our jobs back so that we can take care of our families. We are sure that our Chief Minister and new government will definitely hear our cry for justice,” said the group.
The group claimed that their joining orders mentioned that the project is for five years and their jobs will be for that period.
When contacted, an official of the project requesting anonymity said the Gangtok Smart City is a project operated by a registered company and funded by the Government of India. “Funds are assigned under two separate heads, one is for meeting the office expenses which includes salaries and other is project fund. As per the project, we are not allowed to mix the two funds and above all, we are asked to submit separate utilization certificates for the two heads,” said the official.
It was informed that requirement of office staffs for the project is limited but the appointments were done in excess. “To curtail the office expenses, we had to remove the excess manpower which we did. If we have not done so, we cannot operate the office of Gangtok Smart City project. The office has served one month’s notice to the employees. Notice has been served to all 52 employees and the project management will brief the media on the matter in detail in coming days,” the official added.

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