Spiritual awareness in need for creation of moral society, says Limboo spiritual leader

Limboo spiritual leader
Tue, Aug 20, 2019

Our Correspondent
A programme was organised at Yuma Maang Meditation Centre, at Darap today mark 15 years of attainment of enlightenment of Limboo spiritual leader Sikkum Siyong Sepsing Yuma Maang.
The Darap-based religious guru, fondly addressed by the devotees as Yuma Mang, is the founder of Yuma religion or Yumaism.
The spiritually rich event organized was attended by devotees of Yuma Mang from various places of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Nepal. Lok Sabha MP Indra Hang Subba and PHE minister and area MLA Bhim Hang Subba also attended the congregation along with other dignitaries.
Yuma Mang, in her spiritual message, called upon her devotees to adopt themselves to a simple, pious and meaningful living. She mentioned that religious spiritualism helps to keep vices of materialistic world at bay and paves way for establishment of moral and civilized society. She informed that as every religion followed by people in the world, the Yumaism also advocates truth, honesty, spiritualism and preservation of humanity through moral activities while remaining faithful to the god.
Exerting that immoral and unholy practices lead a life to its peril, Yuma Mang further stated that unwanted greed, negativity and quests for worldly pleasures are source of unhappiness and sorrow amongst human beings. “We should love every creation of god and the service you provide to fallen, downtrodden, weak and needy is service towards the god. Love and kindness are the virtues needed for restoration of humanity in the world. Various religions practiced in the world are different means to serve one god who is kind and omnipotent,” She said.
Yuma Mang further expressed that with rapid modernization of the world and diminishing moral values among human beings, religious and spiritual awareness have become a need for creation of a pious and moral society.
Stating that people should value the contributions of their parents in their upbringing, Yuma Mang expressed that it is immoral to renounce parents when they grow old and are unable to fend for themselves.  “Looking after the weak and old parents are moral responsibilities of their children.  It is unholy to renounce the parents at ripen age who have given you everything as a father and a mother,” she said.
Yuma Mang further said that education is a means through a society can be emancipated from negativity and immorality. She reiterated that animal sacrifices in the name of religion should be abolished. Spilling blood of innocent animals to appease the god is an inhuman act, she added.
Earlier at the event, YMMC committee president Ten Hang Limboo highlighted on the history Yumaism and objectives. He informed that many branches and sub-branches of Yuma religion have been established across the State of Sikkim, Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Nepal. The Yuma Mang Meditation Centre has been receiving overwhelming attendance of locals and people from other parts of the State as well, he added.

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