Bista stopped on Tukvar route

Tue, Sep 10, 2019

Our Correspondent
: Darjeeling MP RajuBista was today stopped for around four hours allegedly by workers of GJM (Binay Tamang group) while he was on the way to visit Tukvar, about 11 km away from here. The group held black flags and shouted ‘go back’ slogans at Tukvarcheckpost.
“I had a programme at Singla under Tukvar constituency today. While heading there with my supporters, we were stopped for about four hours. It was a group of around 40 drunken people belonging to the Binay Tamang camp,” said Bista.
“I had informed the police yesterday that something like this could happen. Even though police were there today, they did not do anything. It is very surprising that an elected representative can be stopped from visiting his people. This is the development done by Didi,” said the Darjeeling MP.
Bista was allowed to proceed only after the intervention of police and requests made by the leaders of the Binay Tamang Morcha group. Many vehicles were stuck on the road due to the protest.
In a press release later, Bista said the group protesting his movement were not locals of Tukvar. “Protest against an elected official is legitimate right of every citizen but harassment of an elected MP by hired anti-social elements is not. This is a prime example ofcomplete breakdown of law and order in Bengal where anti-social elements from ruling TMC are given shelter and protection by administrative officials,” he said.
Morcha (Binay Tamang camp) Darjeeling subdivision president AlokKanta Mani Thulung denied any involvement of the party.
“It was a protest by the people of Tukvar constituency. We had not made them stage the protest and were there only to see that no untoward incident takes place. We were the ones who asked the people to let the Darjeeling MP go after protesting for some time,” said Thulung.
Thulung said people went for protest to ask the Darjeeling MP on the Gorkhaland issues and other promises made during the election.
Pic: The protestors blocking the movement of the Darjeeling MP’s convoy. SE Pic


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