Nakima, traditional diyas from Sikkim attract Tourism Day fest visitors in Siliguri

Nakima, traditional diyas from Sikkim attract Tourism Day fest visitors in Siliguri
Sat, Sep 28, 2019


SILIGURI: Nakima (Tupistranuutans), a traditional vegetable used for medicinal purposes and Indian traditional ‘Diyas’ (lamps) from Sikkim were the main attractions during the three-day-long World Tourism Day Festival that kicked off today at Siliguri.
The festival was inaugurated by West Bengal tourism minister Gautam Deb. Revellers flocked to mainly the two counters of Sikkim to buy Nakima and traditional diyas made with the mixture of earthen pot and colourful waxes.
Cyril Rai from Sadam in Namchi, South Sikkim had brought five kg of Nakima along with organic cucumber, pumpkin, Dalleychillies, ginger and other items during the first day of the festival. He said among other vegetables,Nakima was sold out within two hours.He sold it at Rs. 400 per kilo and informed that people especially suffering from diabetes and other diseases bought it.
According to Rai, more than 242 species of medicinal plants are reported to be found in Sikkim and Nakima is used for treatment of various ailments use numerous herbal remedies.
On the other hand, traditional diyas made by around 30 Sikkimese women were also popular for its unique designs challenging Chinese diyas this Diwali.
People loved to buy Sikkimese diyas as it was new in the market and cheaper than Chinese ones.
SmitaRai, CEO of Namchi Designer Candles said, “Let’s say no to Chinese diyas this Diwali and light your houses with traditional diyas made by Sikkimese women.”
There were more than 30 stalls from Sikkim, North Bengal and Nepal.

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