SKM-BJP tie-up is an unholy alliance: Dr.Mechung

Sat, Oct 5, 2019

Staff Reporter
Former Martam-Rumtek MLA Dr.Mechung Bhutia on Friday described the SKM-BJP alliance as an ‘unholy alliance’ which could put the distinct identity of Sikkim under threat in future.
“An unholy alliance of SKM and BJP has taken for the upcoming bye-elections in Sikkim. The alliance is a betrayal to the people of Sikkim, it is a huge disappointment for them. The SKM formed the government with a slogan of ‘Parivartan’ but within four months, it has betrayed the trust of the Sikkimese by forming an alliance with the BJP,” said Dr.Mechung.
Dr.Mechung is contesting for the Martam-Rumtek bye-poll as an independent candidate. The 39-year-old maintained that he is no longer with the SDF or any political party. I came forward to contest as an independent candidate as the people are deeply concerned about the future of Sikkim, he said.
The former MLA mentioned about the abrogation of Article 370 and special status of Jammu & Kashmir by the BJP-led Union government.
“People in Sikkim are concerned about the manner in which the BJP abolished the special status of Jammu & Kashmir. We are worried about the national track record of the BJP. The Prime Minister had promised Rs. 80,000 crore funds for the development of Jammu & Kashmir but the funds have not been given,” said Dr.Mechung.
Sikkim has a distinct identity and old laws protected under Article 371F, said Dr.Mechung. He alleged that the SKM-BJP alliance happened just because the ruling party made compromises to get an ECI relief for its party president and Chief Minister P.S. Golay to contest the bye-poll.
“Seeing such injustice happening, people of Martam-Rumtek had urged me to contest the bye-election. This is not an ordinary bye-election, this bye-election is to save Sikkim and its distinct identity. There is a huge threat for Sikkim as majority of the people in rural areas are afraid what will happen to their distinct identity and security,” said Dr.Mechung. He has been allocated the election symbol ‘walking stick’ by the ECI.
Dr.Mechung also shared reasons why he had switched over to the SDF in 2015 though being elected from Martam-Rutmek as a SKM candidate. He contended that Golay did not attach too much interest in his work to ‘expose the fake’ organic farming claims of the then SDF government. We, the SKMMLAs then, were also asked to join the BJP that time but I did not signed the memorandum that time, he claimed.
We are tagged as ‘Gadaars’ and ‘Bekuwas’ but we ask Golay why he sold his party to the BJP, said Dr.Mechung.
Pic: Dr.Mechung Bhutia speaking to media. SE Pic


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