By-election is litmus test for Sikkim’s future: NawinKiran PANKAJDHUNGEL

election is limitious
Sat, Oct 5, 2019

GANGTOK: Terming the October 21 by-elections in three Assembly constituencies as Agnipariksha for Sikkim’s future, Sikkim Subject Committee (SSC) vice-convenor NawinKiran Pradhan today said there is widespread confusion among the people as to ‘whom to vote.’
Accusing SKM president andChief Minister Prem Singh Golay of bartering his eligibility to contest in the bye-elections by giving away two seats to the BJP, Pradhan slammed the backdoor politics used by the national party to enter Sikkim politics.
Pradhan maintained thatthe ECI relief to Golay is challengeable.
“The Election Commission needs to be independent, without any pressure and bias. But the hurried move to allow Golay to contest this bye-poll a day after they gave away two seats to BJP and made the alliance is a clear indication of how biased the ECI is towards BJP and the Central government. Allowing Golay has attracted national attention with most of the national opposition parties challenging the same on the pretext of it creating precedence for disqualification of legislators in the future. Four years and 11 months were reduced from Golay’s disqualification,” said Pradhan to media here.
Pradhan went back to the legal standing and how Golay retrieved his eligibility through Section 11 of Representation of People’s Act and how the same can be challenged in the Supreme Court of India.
“The incident of ECI allowing has happened during the implementation of Model Code of Conduct, a clear violation. We will not take the course of questioning Golay’s qualification but will file a case against the ECI as to how they were able to pass the order even on a Sunday. We cannot pursue the case alone and need support from others as well. Sikkim cannot be governed by a remote control in New Delhi,” he added.
Pradhan also questioned the stand of the political partieson Article 371F claiming that with the kind of events unfolding in the political space, soon the Sikkim Subject will lose its value.
“The Residential Certificate holders are already submitting memorandums demanding equal rights as guaranteed by Article 371F. The Sikkim Subject has lost its value and with the advent of BJP, it stands more threatened. Hence, every political party must make their stand clear on Article 371F,” maintained Pradhan calling for a united stand for the soil and future of Sikkim.
Pic: NawinKiran Pradhan speaking to media. SE Pic


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