Gangtok, Sikkim, ▪ REGD NO. WB/SKM/2/10 VOL. XXXIII ▪ RNI No. RN 40962/90  ▪
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Sikkim Express
April 1976
First English Weekly

January 1986
Best Small Newspaper
(English) Award in India

April 2001
'Sikkim Perspective'
Silver Jubilee of
Sikkim Express

May 2003
First English Daily

February 2006
Sikkim's First Daily
in Colour




April 1976        : First English Weekly
January 1986 :Best Small Newspaper (English) Award in India
April 2001 : ‘Sikkim Perspective’ published commemorating Sikkim Express Silver jubilee
May 2003           : First English Daily
February 2006  : First English Daily in Colour

Born in the year when Sikkim was just grappling with new found democracy after merger with the Indian Union, Sikkim Express stands a seasoned testimony to the history of this Himalayan region which became the 22nd State of the country in 1975.
Published from the year 1976, Sikkim Express is the first, oldest and most read English daily of Sikkim, a State which has taken rapid developmental strides in the past one decade and stands today as one of the model State in many sectors. Sikkim Express is a faithful witness of these changes.

The oldest newspaper in the State, Sikkim Express has an unparalleled track record of 35 years of uninterrupted news service. Sikkim Express celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 2001 dedicating 25 years of constant and devoted service to the people of Sikkim.

Sikkim Express extended its reach to the citizens of the world by launching its website,, in sync with the constant information technology evolution.

These are not the only 'first' of Sikkim Express. It is the only newspaper from Sikkim and probably the only newspaper from this Himalayan region to bag the coveted Best Small Newspaper (English) Award in 1986 at the All India Conference of Small and Medium Newspaper held in Chennai.

Not contended with loyal readership and growing circulation, Sikkim Express evolved from a weekly newspaper to a daily newspaper inking yet another landmark in the history of journalism in Sikkim in May, 2003. This bold transformation was in acknowledgement of the growing public demand which was eventually fetched a ringing endorsement from our beloved readers.

Since then, Sikkim Express has witnessed a giant leap in terms of increase in readership as well as popularity as a daily, and this growth is proving to be a constant process.

Sikkim Express has always set standards in the field of journalism in Sikkim and remains committed to chart many more landmarks and reach new milestones.


A credible medium for impartial news


From 1977 till today…..
Rising along with the new dawn of democracy in Sikkim, Himali Bela has been following the highest ideals of true journalism to become the voice of the Sikkimese people and presenting pro-people news and thoughts to our readers.
Himali Bela is a credible medium of unbiased news as per the vision and positive journalism belief of its founder, late Ram Patro.
After a long journey of 30 years as a weekly Nepali language newspaper from November 16, 1977, Himali Bela evolved to a daily newspaper on August 24, 2007.
The essence of Himali Bela derives from the need of a Nepali language newspaper felt by late Ram Patro to record and present the new changes in Sikkim and neighbouring hill regions during the mid 70’s. At that period, news was limited to a section of English newspaper readers and subsequently Himali Bela took birth to cater to the ordinary man of the hills.
Himali Bela not only played a pivotal role in the Nepali language recognition movement but fulfilled its responsibilities in an unbiased manner during the separate State agitation in the neighbouring Darjeeling hills during the 80’s.

Why advertise in Himali Bela?
Himali Bela has been unwavering in its mission to fulfill the dreams of late Ram Patro and remain true to ideals of journalism. The paper presents a variety of news ranging from local developments, national events to international happenings to its growing population of readers. The paper does not believe in short term sensational news but gives priority to real news beneficial to the readers and society in long term.
Himali Bela understands the news requirements of our readers living in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Dooars, Siliguri and other areas where the Indian Nepali community live.

 Sikkim at Glance

Area : 7096 Sq Km
Capital : Gangtok
Altitude: 5,840 ft
Population: 6.10 Lakhs
Topography: Hilly terrain elevation from 600 ft. to over 28,509 ft above sea level
Max- 21°C ; Min - 13°C
Max -13°C ; Min - 0.48°C
Rainfall : 325 cm per annum
Language Spoken: Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi