Rateychu water line snaps, restoration to take 3-4 days, tankers to distribute water at Gangtok

Saturday, Apr 22, 2023 07:00 [IST]

Last Update: Saturday, Apr 22, 2023 01:21 [IST]

Rateychu water line snaps, restoration to take 3-4 days, tankers to distribute water at Gangtok


GANGTOK,: Restoration of the drinking water supply main lines at Rateychu source – damaged by torrential rains - would take at least 3-4 days with the PHE department appealing Gangtokians to use the available water judiciously.
Located about 20 km away from the State capital, Rateychu is the main source for drinking water supply to Gangtok. It supplies water to the Selep Tanki treatment plant from where the water is distributed to the Gangtokians.
As informed by the PHE department, the torrential rains since past few days had damaged the main supply lines at Rateychu but the pipes were restored by the department.
However, the downpour of April 20 late afternoon caused extensive damage to two main 14-inch pipes and one 8-inch pipe that supplies the Rateychu water to the Selep Tanki treatment plant.
PHE officials and workers rushed to the spot Friday morning to assess the damage caused to the water supply lines.
Speaking with SIKKIM EXPRESS, PHE PCE-cum-secretary B. Prasad said: “As per the preliminary report, the damage is extensive causing complete stoppage of distribution of drinking water to the people. We are hopeful to restore the water supply lines within 3-4 days and in the meantime, we appeal to the people to use water judiciously.”
Prasad informed that the PHE department held two rounds of meeting wherein it was decided to ferry water in tankers at different locations in Gangtok to supply water to the residents. This distribution of water through tankers will continue till the main line is restored, he said.
The officials and staffs of the PHE department are working tirelessly in restoring the water supply lines at the earliest, said Prasad.
Meanwhile, a six-inch pipe as an alternative source is being tapped by the PHE department with an aim to supply water to emergency services like hospitals.

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