TMC plundering West Bengal's wealth, says PM Modi in Howrah

Monday, May 13, 2024 09:30 [IST]

Last Update: Monday, May 13, 2024 04:02 [IST]

TMC plundering West Bengal's wealth, says PM Modi in Howrah

KOLKATA, (IANS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lambasted the Congress, Left and Trinamool Congress for having deteriorated West Bengal’s condition by "looting" it for years.

The PM accused the opposition parties of plundering the state’s wealth for their own benefit and highlighted the significance of the 2024 elections for Bengal's development.

"If you combine the ancestral politics of Congress and torture of the Left parties, then Trinamool Congress is formed. Howrah was once a thriving industrial belt of West Bengal. First, the Left and then Trinamool drove the industrialists out from here. Everything is under the control of Trinamool Congress-pampered extortionists," said Prime Minister Modi while addressing an election meeting in Howrah Lok Sabha constituency in support of BJP candidate Rathin Chakraborty.

He mentioned that the leaders of Trinamool Congress are engaged in plotting violence and the goons backed by the ruling party are forcefully grabbing land in various parts of the state.

"All this is happening because of the direct encouragement of the state government. The common syndrome of all allies of the opposition INDI Alliance is corruption. Trinamool Congress is a force which pampers corruption openly," the Prime Minister said.

He also accused Trinamool Congress of having a direct involvement in the state’s lottery scam.

"Time has come now for the people of West Bengal to punish the Trinamool Congress. I am sure you will punish them and uproot them totally. Trinamool Congress is still batting in favour of the Sandeshkhali accused and is engaged in a competition of appeasement with the Congress party," stated PM Modi.

The Prime Minister said that he has been able to change the traditional political approach where parties and leaders used to forget the common people after getting elected.

“Previously the parties and leaders used to forget the common people after getting elected. They even refused to recognise the voters. But, I have been able to change this approach to a great extent," he mentioned.

"Today, the BJP government at the Centre is reaching the doorstep of every citizen of the country. And that is why, crores of people of Bengal are getting free ration so that no poor mother is forced to see her children hungry," added PM Modi.

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